Monday, December 5, 2011

Meet Dr. Richard Sherman

The BFE Chronic Pain team was honored to work with Dr. Richard Sherman on the development of the Chronic Pain suite. His extensive knowledge in the use of biofeedback for treating chronic pain as well as phantom pain made him the ideal partner to help design the specific training screens for software.

Richard A. Sherman, PhD 
Dr. Sherman received his doctorate in biology/psychology from New York University in 1973 and is currently Master Instructor at Chapman University as well as Dean of Clinical Psychophysiology at the University of Natural Medicine and Director of the Behavioral Medicine Research and Training Foundation. He is certified by BCIA, approved by BCIA to teach the general biofeedback certification course, and currently teaches A&P, Pain Assessment and Intervention, Research, and Pelvic Floor Disorders for the Behavioral Medicine R&T Foundation. He is a professional psychophysiologist with extensive training and has nearly 30 years of experience in the field. He has had numerous grants to study various aspects of pain mechanisms and interventions and has well over a hundred publications.

To learn more about Dr. Richard Sherman and his work, visit the Behavioral Medicine Research and Training Foundation website.

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